Heung Bong Cha
2013-2017, 20th President
Bruno Vellas
2009-2013, 19th President
Renato Maia Guimaraes
2005-2009, 18th President
Gloria Gutman
2001-2005, 17th President
Gary Andrews
1997-2001, 16th President
Edit Beregi
1993-1997, 15th President
Samuel Bravo Williams
1989-1993, 14th President
Ewald Busse
1983-1989, 13th President
Hans Thomae
1981-1983,12th President
M. Murakami
1978-1981, 11th President
David Danon
1975-1978, 10th President
Dmitri Chebotarev
1972-1975, 9th President
Nathan Shocku
1969-1972, 8th President
Walter Doberauer
1966-1969, 7th President
Torben Geill
1963-1966, 6th President
Louis Kuplan
1960-1963, 5th President
Enrico Greppi
1957-1960, 4th President
J.H. Sheldon
1954-1957, 3rd President
E.V. Cowdry
1951-1954, 2nd President
Lucien Brull
1950-1951, 1st President
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