Read the different papers presented to IAGG

Presented to IAGG within the framework of its different activities, these papers can be uploaded for your dissimenation. They are the fruit of participation to our organization's past workshops, conferences, courses etc and we would like to thank the authors for their kind involvement.

The article of Dr. Isabella Aboderin, IAGG Regional Chair of Africa, in the Lancet

Read the paper on "Older people’s health in sub-Saharan Africa" published in the Lancet, the world’s renowned medical journal. The article highlights the role of older African people in socioeconomic sector and discuss the areas for improvement in advancing healthcare for older persons in the region. To access other articles in the journal, please visit the Lancet website:

Workshop N°1 on "NURSING HOMES"

Read the papers presented at the Workshop on “Identification of the main relevant domains for clinical research & quality of care in nursing homes” organized by IAGG in Toulouse, France on June 4, 2010 and the final paper published in the JAMDA of March 2011.

Workshop N°2 on "DEMENTIA"

Read some of the papers presented at the Workshop on “Health promotion program on prevention of late onset dementia” organized by IAGG in Geneva, Switzerland on January 13, 2011 as well as the recommendations published in the JNHA.

Workshop n°3 "FRAILTY"

Read some of the papers presented at the Workshop on “Promoting access to innovation and clinical research for frail old persons” organized by IAGG in Athens, Greece on January 20, 2012.

Workshop n°4 "HUMAN RIGHTS"

Some of the papers presented at the Workshop on "Connecting African and Global Endeavour on Human Rights and Older Persons” organized by IAGG in Cape Town, South Africa on October 17, 2012 will soon be available.