Rules & Logos

The Association is ruled by the Belgian law of 25-10-1919, modified by the laws of 6-12-1954 and 30-06-2000. The Association is governed by rules called "By-Laws" and by guidelines called "MOP-Manual of Operating Procedures".


The initial legal text of the By-Laws was a French text written in 1950. It was published in the Belgian Official Journal on March 15th, 1952. An English version was approved by Council at the XIIIth Congress in New York (USA) in July 1985. This version – referred to hereafter as "The By-Laws" can be found as Appendix VII (by E. Busse and G.L. Maddox) in N.W. Shock’s: The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS: A Chronicle – 1950 to 1986 (Springer, 1988). The revised By-Laws were adapted to the regulations of the Belgian Government, legally admitted and approved by the Ministry of Justice and published in the Belgian Official Journal on 04-04-2007. You can consult this last version.

MOP - Manual of Operating Procedures

It constitutes an appendix to Association By-Laws. The manual is advisory only and is intended as a guide to desirable practice regarding the duties of the Officers of the Association: dissemination of information on actions by the Executive Committee, and planning and implementation of the International Congresses. The document can be periodically reviewed to bring changes in the existing Manual. The current document has been last revised in 2005.